Conversation 3 (Butler)

In the article “Snapchat Wants You to Post. It’s Willing to Pay Millions.” by Taylor Lorenz, the author speaks about Snapchat’s Spotlight, launched last November, and how it’s a goldmine for creators, including TikTok stars. A TikTok influencer, Cam Casey, made a fortune posting a science experiment video. Snapchat is handing out over $1 million daily through Spotlight. It’s similar to TikTok, showcasing viral videos without likes or comments. Creators earn based on views. This has transformed lives and made Snapchat the top platform for content creators. Despite TikTok’s popularity, more users are heading to Spotlight for cash. But with more competition, payments are shrinking. Snapchat needs to help creators build fame within the platform. Creators collaborate and discuss, even thinking about making their Snapchat collab houses. In a nutshell, Snapchat’s Spotlight is revolutionizing social media by rewarding content creators with opportunities and cash.

My social media experience is pretty dull; I usually use social media to watch funny videos or snippets. However, after reading this article, it makes me want to do more with social media, such as posting content or reviews to gain incentives. I feel like the possibility of making that much money for posting a few short videos is alluring, but I know it’s not as easy as it sounds, and not everybody has the mentality for it (like me).

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