Sexual Orientation

Thurmya Davis

Gender Communication

May 30th 2020

Journal Entry 1

“Your power is your radical self. Find it” – Aya Chebbi. I love this statement because I do believe that no matter gender role, sexual orientation, or classification a person’s superpower is being their complete and true self! I grew up in a religious home, obviously strict (and even judgmental at times) towards views on gender that did not comply to the normal “rules”. Even though I do disagree that there are neutral genders or third genders, I have never been a judgmental person. I am big on people living their life they way THEY WANT TO! So overall, my first time reading about gender role (first chapter in Gender Stories) I found it very interesting to hear different perspectives about gender roles.

As I read this chapter, one thing that I definitely agree with is that gender is a sensitive topic because of our stubbornness to accept something that is different. In the same breath, as I mentioned earlier I do think that gender and sex is a fact not an opinion. Meaning, when we are born with a penis, we classify as male. When we are born with a vagina, we classify as women. Now with that being said, I still believe people should be able to date and engage in sexual intercourse with whom ever they choose. I also believe that people should be able to wear what ever they want to wear, choose what ever profession they want, and more! Because just as this chapter stated, your identity expresses who you are as a person. Even off the topic of gender roles, choices is one of the biggest elements in life. In agreeance with this chapter, human’s have the choice of (almost) everything. You may question why I say “almost”. I say “almost” because we do not have the choice of choosing our parents, or financial situation when we are born, or how we look when we are born, and same goes for sex. We do have the choice to change all of these things are we get older though. As we get older, we have the choice to choose how we dress, the choice of our partners, and even how we identify. The question is if we choose to identify as woman even though we were born a man, does that mean we are not a man? While I respect other’s decisions, I still believe that no matter what a male is a male and a female is a female. It is okay to be one sex and live “the life” a different sex. I personally just think, every still classifies as the sex that they were born.

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