Gender Roles

Thurmya Davis

Gender Communication

June 4th 2020

Journal Entry 3

“People share common nature, but we a trained on gender roles”. I decided to utilize this quote for today’s journal entry in light of the fact that I agree that humans are trained depending on their sexual orientation. While I am still a believer in there being two genders, I do recognize that society has forced elements on human depending on your gender. Who said pink is for girls, and blue is for girls? There are many examples of this and it definitely makes it harder for parents and children as children start to develop their own likes and interests.

Predominately going off of facts, men brains are typically bigger than female brains. This chapter reminded us to not over analyze everything and to actually see things for what it is. Men are typically bigger than woman so that why their brains are a bit bigger, simple! However, it is not about how big the brain is, it is about how our brains are made to make us act certain ways and possess specific traits. Studies prove that women and men brains have differences physically and mentally. I think it is only right to acknowledge that two different species will act in two different ways. What causes the debate is the fact that a percentage of men and women act differently then what science say they should.

Regarding this chapter, the author enlightens us that the brain commonly develops in one of three ways: biological, psychological, or cultural. I totally agree with this because biologically the brain is going to cause a child to do certain things because of their chemical makeup. Psychological experiences can change the develop of a child’s brain because their brains are still learning and developing (this can cause change in a child’s interests). Cultural elements and experiences can also influence a child. For example, if a girl child is raised by two mothers than it is a strong possibility that she will accept same sex relations.

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