Week 13 Creative Project Part 2

Week 13

Mon 5/3-Sun 5/9

Creative Project: FINAL What is Theatre? DRAFT Please share your Creative Projects in progress. Remember this is for you and the class, that is your audience so integrate your personality, style, and culture into your piece. Offer references and examples to support your views. Be sure to incorporate feedback so your Final Version is your best effort.

Review images, videos, and other examples you can use to support your presentation and bring the information alive for your audience.

DB 13: Creative Project FINAL part 2 DRAFT

(10 Points)

Please review and respond to at least 2 of your ensemble members posts. Please offer one I appreciate… (something that worked well) and one I wonder… (something that is not clear or that you have a helpful hint for)

Looking forward to your reflections and creations.

Be well,

Prof. Christina

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