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Maksim Vak

Hi everyone, My name is Maksim Vak. I teach philosophy. I’m looking forward to learning how to design a website that will work for asynchronous classes. I’m reading a bunch of books on Hegel’s Phenomenology, rereading Spengler’s Decline of the West and Nietzche’s Untimely meditations, and some Ukrainian fiction books.… Read more “Maksim Vak”

Yan Yang

Hi! I’m Yan and I teach art history. I am interested in learning more about different ways of assessment that give students more responsibility in evaluating their own performances. I look forward to leaving the country in July (destination unclear at the moment).… Read more “Yan Yang”

Karen Thornhill

Hi! I’m Karen Thornhill from the English Department here at BMCC. I started learning how to design an online course during the E-Learning Initiative for Faculty Development about a year prior to the pandemic. That training was tremendously helpful. So here I am today: I’m really looking forward to learning how to design and offer appealing online classes that are engaging, fun, interesting, and as affordable as possible to my students.… Read more “Karen Thornhill”