Prisons & Lived Experience

Review and read the articles listed below. The first few articles provide information on what we call “total institutions.” This term along with the pains of imprisonment are important to the study and field of corrections.

Chapter 13, Total Institutions (3 pages)| The Open University and forms part of The Open University course K101: An introduction to health and social care (http://www3.

Prison Rape Elimination Act (1 paragraph) |National PREA Resource Center

The Pains of Imprisonment (5 pages)| Encyclopedia of Corrections, Wiley.

These articles are just as important but speak more to the experience of people who are incarcerated.

Leaving Prison at 72 | The NY Times

My Life in the Supermax | The Marshall Project

The Prison Visit That Cost My Family $2,370 | The Marshall Project

‘Heaven’ – Happiness is a family sleepover | The Marshall Project