Assignments. Podcast Response

Podcast(s) Response Paper 

Due Date:  11:59PM, Monday, June 29th
How:    BlackBoard, follow this link
Points:  75
Listen to 2 podcasts. You can access both of them from your phone or any other device.
The first podcast is 6 minutes long. Mississippi Prison System Faces Investigation, Lawsuits After Rash Of Inmate Deaths. This audio segment highlights a number of the issues prevalent in many state prisons.
The second podcast, an episode from Ear Hustle, will range, starting from 20 minutes and on. It depends on which episode you select.
  • Listen to one (1) episode of the podcast EAR HUSTLE (in addition to reviewing the assigned readings on Prisons & Lived Experience).
Ear hustle brings you the daily realities of life inside prison shared by those living it, and stories from the outside, post-incarceration. The team works in San Quentin’s media lab to produce stories that are sometimes difficult, often funny, and always honest, offering a nuanced view of people living within the American prison system.
  • You can listen to the podcast on your phone or computer via this link:
  • You are free to select any of the episodes that run for 20 minutes or more. I suggest selecting an episode from one of the earlier seasons, 1-3.

Based on your review of the podcasts, respond to the following:
(25 points) Podcast 1:  Mississippi Prison System Faces Investigation, Lawsuits After Rash Of Inmate Deaths
  1. Identify the number of issues facing prisons highlighted in this podcast – you should be able to identify at least 7. You can submit these issues as bullet points – you do not have to provide an explanation. We will discuss them in our upcoming class session.
  2. Also, this article can help you identify many of these issues – but the podcast provides the same info.
(50 points) Podcast 2: Ear Hustle
  1. Provide the title of the podcast, along with Season and Episode Number
  2. Provide the time length/run time of the podcast (ex: 23:33 mins)
  3. What are the major themes discussed during this podcast? For example, do the speakers focus on specific challenges faced by those who are incarcerated at San Quentin? What are those challenges or experiences highlighted in this episode? [at least 1 paragraph]
  4. From the episode, list and explain 3 new things you learned about imprisonment. [at least 1 paragraph]
  5. What are your thoughts about granting permission for people who are incarcerated to run podcasts from behind the wall? Explain – pros vs. cons [at least 1 paragraph].