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You Belong Here At BMCC

My name is Carlene Hunte-Nelson, and I am the President of the BMC Student Government Association.  I welcome you all. 

Power and Responsibility.  

First, I’d like you to acknowledge that you have power as a student.  That you have identifiable power as a learner.
Your POWER is your voice to speak up and advocate for yourself and others.
Your power is that this is YOUR college. These are YOUR spaces.  And you have a right to a VOICE and VOTE at the decision-making table.
Your power is that you can TRANSFORM your educational experience into what you want it to be.
Too often, students feel DISEMPOWERED.  Confused by poor onboarding.  Frustrated by perceived administrative indifference.  They are led to believe that decisions are only for a few in leadership roles.  I say it’s not!
Do not hand your power to others and assume that your best interests are always their priority.


Your responsibility as a student is to SHOW UP and offer your best efforts.
Your RESPONSIBILITY is to fully engage in all the elements of your educational experience.
Get involved in clubs.  Participate in student competitions and events.  Communicate with your professors …  Do a bit more than you think you are capable of.  Use this experience to grow.  We want you to grow.
If you take RESPONSIBILITY for your own growth, if you fully show up, our school community grows with you.  BMCC grows with you.

Someone said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

You don’t have to be a superhero to have power and responsibility.  Just enroll in college.  Take up space.  Talk up.  Participate.  “Start Here- Go Anywhere.”

Thank you.

Carlene Hunte Nelson

President – Student Government Association