Reflection 6: Social Inequality Due 5/12

Reflection 6: Social Inequality Due 5/12


Base the reflection from your own perspectives / views /thoughts on the topic from the discussion questions…For example from the reading, discussion etc what are your thoughts or views on gender and the way culture affects women? What are your thoughts or views on culture? What are your views on socialization especially in regards to verbal and non verbal communication? What are your views on race and ethnicity and how they continue to affect segments of the society? What are your views on social inequality and upward mobility? Share your own views drawing from the info, resources posted on OL.

Write a 1 -2 (not more than 3) pages summary on Upward mobility in the US and discuss some factors on how the SDGs may help in alleviating some of the social inequality issues in the US. See part II below for more.


Sustainable Development Goals SDGs

The lazy person’s guide to bringing about a just world

170 Daily Actions to Transform the World

Final Exam / Presentation (More info TBA). Keep this in mind for the final exam. I will provide more details later  – Due 5/19.

Part I

Each person will select 1 – 2 SDGs and make a  10 -15 (not more than 20) page virtual presentation to the class. You will select ANY topic of interest to you in the SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE (TBA).

Part II

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): What are they? Why are they needed? Do you think that they can help improve Social Inequality in America? Around the world? Why or why not? Select any TWO of the SDGs and make a presentation on it. What role can you as a young person play in bringing about a just world? What can you do to change the world? What sociological concepts,  theories or themes can you apply to  the social inequality that is prevalent in the society (US and around the world ) and how do you think that the SDGs can alleviate some of them?

Part III

Interview 2 – 3 people on what their views are about the topic in relations to the SDGs. You will share their responses as part of the presentation -TBA.