Week 4 Online: 4/6 – 4/12: H.W. 5 -Social Movements / Civic Engagement Survey Due 4/14

Civic Engagement and Participation by Young People in a Democracy

In lieu of the midterm exam, I will provide 2 surveys to the class which you can respond to at anytime by the due dates so please read over several times before you post your responses because the more you write, the more the key strokes increases for a higher score of up to 10 points for each survey.


Remember that there is a culture  or norm in many communities to participate in civic duties. How does your family, peers, community or the media influence your participation in civic or political matters in activities or issues that affect you the most? What of social change? What factors affect young people to come together for a collective action? Remember our last discussion on Hofstede’s 5 cross cultural framework? Here is a summary: See pages 179 – 189 of  Culture and Leadership in the 21st Century

Here is the link that takes you directly to the survey: Social Movements / Civic Engagement Survey

The score will show “0” do not worry, just complete the survey as best as you can and post the screen shot in the folder under the assignment tab “social change survey”. Remember you cannot save the survey and come back later. You will need to create time to take the survey and complete it in one sitting (apologies 🙂