Week 2 Online: 3/23 - 3/29: H.W 4 Due 3/31: Society and Social Interaction

H.W 4: Society and Social Interaction Due 4/7

Society and Social Interaction: REMEMBER TO SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN 

Read the sections from your openstax and Alapo text books, the articles or summaries posted below. Reflect on all the wonderful discussion on culture that we have had in the classroom since the beginning of the semester. Watch the videos below and respond to 2 of the following questions. Remember to respond to ONE other persons posting for participation.

Theoretical Perspectives on Society

When answering the following questions, explain the reason why you selected a particular answer and then compare and contrast to the other answer choices.

  1. Organic solidarity is most likely to exist in which of the following types of societies? a)Hunter-gatherer b) Industrial c) Agricultural d) Feudal

2. According to Marx, the _____ own the means of production in a society. a) proletariat b) vassals c) bourgeoisie d) anomie

3. Which of the following best depicts Marx’s concept of alienation from the process of one’s labor?
 a) A supermarket cashier always scans store coupons before company coupons because she was taught to do it that way.
b) A businessman feels that he deserves a raise, but is nervous to ask his manager for one; instead, he comforts himself with the idea that hard work is its own reward.
c) An associate professor is afraid that she won’t be given tenure and starts spreading rumors about one of her associates to make herself look better.
d) A construction worker is laid off and takes a job at a fast food restaurant temporarily, although he has never had an interest in preparing food before.

5. The Protestant work ethic is based on the concept of predestination, which states that ________.

a) performing good deeds in life is the only way to secure a spot in Heaven b) salvation is only achievable through obedience to Go

c) no person can be saved before he or she accepts Jesus Christ as his or her savior

d) God has already chosen those who will be saved and those who will be damned


Read Ch. 4 of Open Stax

Types of Societies

Theoretical Perspectives on Society


Video on Societies and Types of Societies

1) Types of Societies

2) Six Types of Societies

3)  Types of Society in Sociology

4) West and East Cultural Traditions:  Part I

5) West and East Cultural Traditions:  Part II

6) How Emotions Differ Around The World 

7) Traditions For Around The World