Reflections 4: Socialization and Social Interaction Due 4/7

Reflections 4: Socialization and Social Interaction Due 4/7


Base the reflection from your own perspectives / views /thoughts on the topic from the discussion questions…For example from the reading, discussion etc what are your thoughts or views on gender and the way culture affects women? What are your thoughts or views on culture? What are your views on socialization especially in regards to verbal and non verbal communication? What are your views on race and ethnicity and how they continue to affect segments of the society? What are your views on social inequality and upward mobility? Share your own views drawing from the info, resources posted on OL.

Write a 1-2 (no more than 3) pages essay on Socialization and Social interaction: Verbal and Non Verbal Communication. How does culture or society influence the ways in which individuals and groups socialize and interact with one another?



1) Verbal and Non Verbal Communication

2) Non Verbal Communication

3) Verbal and Non Verbal Communication (mix)


  1. Bassirou Ouedraogo

    Verbal and non- verbal communication

    At my knowledge and base on my knowledge, communication vary from one person , one culture to the next and one country to the next
    with in my family, non-verbal communication is so commun because with the time that we had spend together , i have master the non-verbal communication of my parents. for instance just by the way my parents look at me i will guess what they mean sometimes its positive not always negative.
    In other part of the world like European country , its more of a verbal communication where they express them self their feeling but in my country its more hard for us to verbalise our feeling .
    When i moved to the US , in a conversation with my classmate or coworker , i had tendency to talk over them without letting them finish or make their point i just jup in and talk but when i do that without bed intention they said sorry go ahed and that alway make me feel weird them i finish by understand that i have to let them d=finish then i can now make my point because its dab view to cut someone in the middle of their speech.

  2. Base on my readings and videos from Openlab about socialization and and social interactions i gain and took in a lot of information about society and how society goes about their everyday lives.Socialization is about the activity of mixing socially with other, while social interactions is studied between groups of two or more then that by interacting through one another , people,design rules, institutions and system within which they seek to live. When explaining Verbal communications I learn from chapter 8 that communicating verbally like through language or side language gives understanding to humans.It allows us to show our feelings and to those surrounded by us.It allows us to express our beliefs , values , attitudes , emotions, aspects of identity and our other personal features.As per Non verbal communications we communicate our message through signals such as eye contact , facial expression and our gesture , posture and even the distance between each other.Society and culture both take a influence on the way individuals and groups socialize and interact through many ways.For example Churches bring many people from different race and culture to practice their beliefs.As well as Schools and jobs bring people to meet different people and interact.

  3. Socialization is the mixing of a group of people through certain interactions and codes. Usually these interactions and codes are followed daily and are usually part of most people’s lives within a society.
    Verbal communication is the use of speaking to communicate of course. How this can be affected by region and society is mostly through meaning in some words or how you speak. Some people may talk louder than others because it is a custom within the place meanwhile someone in New York may use words never used in any other place.
    In terms of Nonverbal Communication this can differ in various different ways based on what region or kind of society you or the individual lives in. For example in one of the videos “1) Verbal and Non Verbal Communication” there is a clip of a man doing a finger gun gesture at his own head meanwhile the cashier tried to guess what he meant by it. In the end he was asking for 3 shots in his drink and the cashier guessed Assassination. Some gestures within differing regions most likely have different meaning based on region. One being the middle finger here in America where it’s used in a offensive way meanwhile in some distant country it won’t mean anything or have a nice meaning to it.

  4. According to the videos about socialization and social interactions. Socialization is about the activity between one person. Social interactions are between groups of people interacting through one another. Verbal is communication is the use of sounds and words to express and to share information with other people. It can, therefore, include both spoken and written communication. One type of verbal communication is called “filler words”. For example, when people said so, um, like, yeah because they forget what to say. While Non-verbal communication is when we communicate with someone else with a message with eye contact or make a facial expression contact with the other person. For example, someone will roll their eyes can be used to indicate sarcasm when someone said something.