Reflections 1: Sociological Perspective

Reflections 1 Instructions

Reflection Essay (2 page essay due end of week 3 by Sunday Feb. 16th at 12 noon)


See the discussion questions for Week 2: incorporate responses to both discussion I and discussion II found on the discussion board for this course in your 2 page reflection essay. Post your responses in openlab under Reflection Essay 1: Sociological Perspective.


Bonus: respond to one person’s posting for 1 extra point.


Course Packet on Culture and Leadership in  Society: read pages 16-17 

 Respond to the following based on our class discussion in addition to pgs 16-17 of Course Packet: Week 2 discussion soc 100.pdf


Due Thursday February 16th by 12 PM
Your reflections should be 250 – 300 words (word count shows at the bottom under your text box as you write)
To post your reflection, go to the plus sign at the top of the site > type a title and type the body of your post > choose category “Reflections 1” on the right > publish.