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BARS 2022

Towards an Augmented Reality and VR Solutions in Mobile App for Activities in Daily Living in patients with Dementia


Nelson Acero


Mohammad Azhar PhD


Dementia affects over 50 million people around the world and shows no sign of stopping or decreasing. It is estimated to increase to over 130 million people by 2050. Dementia is an overall term used to describe a general group of symptoms. Currently, research has shown there is a shortage of caregivers for dementia patients. Dementia patients need caregivers for assistance to achieve Activities of Daily Living (ADL). We can employ Augmented Reality/VR to help relieve some pressure from victims’ families and caregivers. Dementia patients need constant care and AR can be a solution. Our research explores VR/Augmented solutions to address the Activities of Daily Living for patients with dementia. The project involves three phases. Phase one currently involves surveying the problem domain and designing a simple prototype. Phase two involves exploring solutions how the AR/VR in mobile app can be productive within the lives of the patients. Phase three will design a solution and develop the prototype employing AR/VR in mobile application.