AI/Robotic Solutions for Activities in Daily Living in patients with Dementia


Oliver Adams


Mohammed Azhar PhD


Dementia is not a specific disease. It’s an overall term that describes a group of symptoms. Dementia is a deterioration of cognitive behavior in humans such as memory loss. Research shows that there is a shortage in caregivers of dementia patients which causes a struggle to provide assistance to Dementia patients especially for Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and forgetfulness. As the technology is advancing both the patient and the caregiver can benefit from an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robot that relieves some of the pressure from having to take care of a family member that needs constant care and attention regarding ADL and forgetfulness. Studies have been conducted to analyze and assess how robots and AI could potentially be used to leverage a system where the caregiver and the patient’s needs are being met with ease. Our research goal will explore developing robotic and AI solutions to address the Activities of Daily Living and memory loss for patients with dementia. The project will involve three phases. Phase one will involve surveying the problem domain and designing a memory game with a robot. Phase two will involve exploring further solutions on how the robot and AI can be productive within the lives of the patients and caregiver. Phase three will be developing a solution employing AI and Robot.


  1. Spencer Herman

    Wow that’s amazing, I love to see people working on practical ways to use AI. Great job!

  2. Oneil Mahoney

    Your project addresses vulnerable populations such as the elderly or the ill, great use for science, and a great business prospect. Furthermore, your intended use of data and robotics is a valuable skill applied to many fields. For your abstract, I would suggest that you talk more about your project process and team rather than focus half that space on giving information about dementia.. for compromise, you can speak about the specific needs of your people with dementia and how your project addresses those need furthermore try to consolidate words on your poster for images and figures which are more memorable. Good luck with this fantastic endeavor !