ECE 409 Course Description & Academic Artifact

Infants and Toddlers Practicum II: Pedagogy for Infants and Toddlers

Course Description:

This is a capstone fieldwork course that enables students to demonstrate their competencies teaching infants and toddlers. It requires supervised participation in an assigned early childhood education setting (birth to thirty-six months) and attendance at a weekly seminar. Students will utilize practical classroom experiences to make connections between theory and practice, develop professional behaviors, and build a comprehensive understanding of children and families. Child centered, play-oriented approaches to teaching, learning and assessment; and knowledge of curriculum content areas will be emphasized as student teachers design, implement and evaluate experiences that promote positive development and learning for infants and toddlers with diverse learning styles and needs. Students spend a minimum of 90 hours in the field.

Artifact: Intentional Teaching Capstone Project

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