The 4-1-1

Plan-Animate-Support Day 15 Mon 8/3

Happy Friday.

I am enjoying your midterm presentations. I am really excited to see you incorporate some of the tools and techniques you identified into your final 2 speeches, Informative and Persuasive. 

Next week is the last week of class, then we have the final. This weekend is a great time to get caught up so you can finish the course feeling strong and with enough time to really put 100% effort into the Informative and Persuasive speeches.

Be sure you take a look at some of the samples to get a feel for how your slide shows should be organized, presentation styles and Work Cite pages in MLA format. 

For next week,

Day 15 Mon 8/3 Plan-Animate-SupportIt’s not enough to have a powerful speech, organize your points, use visuals to bring them alive, use credible sources to support your message.

Please Review

MLA format guide on Perdue Owl site

Informative Speech Assignment.pdf 

Please Prepare

Informative Speech (Outline, Slide Show, Research w/ Bibliography in MLA, at least 3 sources)

Discussion Board

Post your 4-6 min Informative Speech Outline Draft, Bibliography in MLA format & Deck “Slide Show” in progress (Power Point, Prezi, Keynote…) Review at least 2 posts, 2 pro’s & a grow. 

Please keep up with deadlines so your classmates and I can offer feedback to help you. If you post it all at once its too late for us to offer suggestions to make sure your presentation is the best it can be.   

Have a great weekend,

Prof. Christina 

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