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Passion-Perspective-Purpose Informative Speech Topics Day 14, Fri 7/31

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Your Midterm pieces are looking good! I have already graded a few and they are really well done. I hope this exploration will help set you up for success as we move into our final 2 speeches. 

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Day 14 Fri 7/31 Passion-Perspective-Purpose What do you care about? What do you love? What is important to you? An informative speech is a great way to share your passions.

Informative Speech Topic Ideas

Please Read

Chapter 15 “Informative Speaking” Pg. 1-12 

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Quiz 9

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Passion-Perspective-Purpose Video

Discussion Board

Post your Top 3 topic ideas for your Informative Speech. Tell us what excites you about them. What scares you? Review at least 2 of your classmates and offer feedback, 2 pros and a grow. Keep in mind that you will need to choose a topic you can support with research and rationale. Choose something that you already know about, something you are passionate about, share something you love or think is important. 

Informative Speech Assignment.pdf 

If you are not sure, Google “Informative Speech Topics” to help give you some ideas. 

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