1. Faction reminds me of social classes and how depending on the social class that you are a part of plays a role into how you are viewed in society. The reason for this is because in Federalist Paper #10, They believe that a number of citizens or whether it be a majority or a minority of people. In social class we see the same views, we have the upper class and the lower and working classes. 
  2. The source of wealth (private property) is seen as the diversity between the faculties of men from which their rights of property originate and it’s not a less insuperable obstacle to a form of interests. A factor that plays into why some stay in a position of wealth and others stay poor is how the factions or social classes at this time play a role. What I mean by this is that those who are born into wealth and money will continue to pass this onto their offspring and so on. As with a woman for example she may be born into wealth that does not change the fact that she can’t be considered a part of the wealthy property owners at this time because of her gender. 
  3. I disagree with the idea that wealth and property come from because in this type of viewing you are unable to obtain a higher status based on gender, if you are a white male that is born poor, or someone of African descent. These groups of people are considered a part of the disenfranchised class which does not give them much of a chance to make their lives better.  
  4. The core mission of the U.S government is to keep the fractions the way that they are, and secondly make sure that democracy doesn’t take over. I am not shocked by this because till this day we have people that work in politics that believe that democracy is bringing the government down. They believe that if they allow democracy to take over all the hard work that they have put in will mess up the ideas that they feel the way the government should be run. This does sound like today because certain republicans believe that women should not be in positions of power. And even if they are, they believe that the government should be run by rich old white men. They feel that only certain classes and groups of people should be able to vote. 
  5. I am not surprised that this article is in support of a republican(representative) form of government. The reason why the author disagrees with a (pure) democratic form of government is because if all social classes were able to take part in a government they believe that it would be pure madness. Their view on a pure democracy would consist of a society of a small number of citizens who assemble and administer their own government in person and can admit that there would be any problems with the factions. But in the eyes of a republic government there would be schemes of representation taking place, a different prospect and the promises for what they believe in. So to them with a democratic government that allows all of its citizens or social classes to take apart it would be pure madness. Nothing would get done and the government would soon fall apart. But with a Republican society things would be in order and things would get done. 

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