• Which statistic on wealth inequality in the US made the biggest impression on you? Explain why? The statistic on wealth inequality that made the biggest impression on me would be how capitalists say they are “putting their money to work,” but the money as such does not work. They really mean is they are using their money to put human labor to work, paying workers less in wages than they produce in sales. This is how money “grows.” My explanation would be how the capitalists just get the workers and treat them with the unfairness they don’t need. The wages are less and the workers don’t earn the money they deserve. Capitalists get that money and use it to their advantage. Workers have to live off bad experiences and not feel grateful.
  • What could be some of the implications of living in a society that has such huge wealth inequalities? Do you see this dynamic getting played out in everyday life in our society? How so, example? The implications would be the boroughs in New York City and how the income are very different like Manhattan has the highest while Queens and Bronx are at the lowest income. I see people have different living conditions, either happy or disappointed that they either have the place they wanted or they can’t because of the income being high.

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