1. One way the court system is better suited to protect individuals is because of its diversity. Plaintiff and defendants’ arguments will be considered on a case by case basis. Diversity in the court as far as religion, gender, ideology and ethnicity protects people from bigotry. By having a diverse set of judges/staff, clients have a chance at their case being handled fairly and justly and with some empathy. One example is the same-sex marriage ruling. Former Solicitor General, Donald B. Verrilli Jr. convincing the other 5 justices to rule in favor of same-sex marriage. This decision was based on empathy for another group of people whom Verrilli didn’t exactly identify with, but wanted to grant legal right for them in spite of that.
  2. The way judges become judges is certainly un-democratic. With democracy, the people supposed to be included in the selection process. With things electing politicians, votes and popular opinion are factored into who gets chosen. Judges are appointed through people in high places within congress. The may not even be made aware of it unless there is a high-profile politician behind it such as the President. Only the rich and powerful (upper-class) only being considered for appointing lifetime Supreme Court members.

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