C-M-C the meaning is the value of (C) in the third and last stage was the same as the value of (C) in the first stage. The peasant and the artisan would go to the market and get money in exchange for commodities. The difference between the two diagrams is money we have, we don’t use it but we sell it to make more money. Reselling something to earn more. The aim is no longer to sell in order to buy but to buy in order to sell.

M-C-M’- The M’ is money at the end, M’ is greater than M: M’ equals M plus m. M’ is money at the end of the transaction. The productive forces of the factory. Labor power is described as “the aggregate of these mental and physical capabilities. Labor power is a capacity, a potential which can be used more or less intensely. Work is the act of working.

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