1- What did the Supreme Court decision in the Wal-Mart case? And more importantly, how did it justify its decision? (HINT: the keyword here is “commonality” (and how it related to “class-action lawsuit”). Try to understand what these legal terms mean, as it is key to the court’s decision).

In this case, the Supreme Court was to examine whether a small group of women who initiated the suit represent a gigantic class of women.  The Supreme Court unanimously opposed the trial court’s decision by reversing the opinion made by the lower court. For instance, Justice Scalia justified by saying that; the commonality proof in the matter overlapped the respondents’ contention merits that Wal-Mart engaged in patterned discrimination. Further, it was established that the women’s demand for back pay would have amounted to billions of dollars in withheld wages all over the country and that the claim could only belong to the provisions outlined in claim b(3) of rule 23. The latter was argued by a justice Ginsburg.

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