1. P. Williams writes in her essay, that the war on terror is a new type of a war. What’s new about it, how is it different from traditional wars?
  • The War on Terror is a new type of war, because it is not a war with a distinct target, land or resources. Unlike that of a traditional war that has two or more armies fighting each other, this type of a war is fighting an idea, it is a “war of the mind” as the author put it. The War on Terror is a “preventative” war, but in its attempt to prevent the actions of “terrorists” it diminishes/tramples on the rights of its citizens.
  1. In what ways does the “Roving Wiretaps” of the Patriot Act seem to violate the Bill of Rights? Which amendment(s) does it seem to violate and why?
  • “Roving Wiretaps” allow for one wiretap authorization to cover multiple devices without the need for new/additional court authorizations. This violates The Fourth Amendment which protects an individual against unreasonable searches and seizures. Not only does it violate the rights of the suspect, but also the privacy of anyone the suspect comes into contact with regardless how casual said contact.
  1. What about “Sneak and Peek” Warrants?
  • “Sneak and Peek” warrants, also, violate The Fourth Amendment by bypassing informing the individual whose property is going to be searched PRIOR to said search. This makes the warrants/law unconstitutional.

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