1. What concept that we have already discussed does “faction” remind you of?

-The two concepts that remind me of “faction” that we have already discussed in this course is social class and political parties. They are essentially groups of people that find themselves desiring similar things and opposing other groups who desire something different.

Ex: Republicans vs Democrats or Capitalists vs Working-Class.

2. According to Federalist #10 (written by James Madison), what is the source of wealth (private property)? What factor explains why some people get to possess wealth by owning private property, and others don’t (thus remaining poor)? This is a key question, because it shows how the authors of the Constitution thought about the difference between different classes of Americans! HINT: focus on the passage that begins: “The diversity in the faculties (WHAT DOES FACULTIES mean or refer to?) of men, from which the rights of property originate, is not les….”

-According to Federalist #10, by James Madison, the source of wealth/private property is the “faculties” of men. Faculties mainly refers to ones inherent abilities like intellect and behavior. Madison believes that since some people possess a higher intellect they are able to make better decisions for themselves and others, decisions that control their behavior leading them to favorable outcomes, i.e wealth. Essentially, he believes that some people remain poor because they are inferior. This way of thinking sounds a lot like eugenics.

3. Do you agree with this explanation of wealth and poverty?

-Not necessarily, there is some truth in the idea that we are not all equal in our abilities – some of us are smarter, stronger, faster, etc.- but this fails to address the reality of inequality within society. Since most wealth is generational, we should ask exactly how was it accrued in the first place? A lot of it was taken by force from others, not by those with superior faculties, but by those willing to harm for their own gain.

4. What is the core mission (“first object”) of the US government? Does this surprise you, does it sound different from what our society today seems to suggest the core mission of the government is? Explain.

-The core mission or “first object” of the US government is the protection of faculties of men who are deemed superior; the wealthy. It is to protect the interests of the capitalist class, especially from those they are exploiting.

-This does surprise me quite a bit, since our society today suggests that the core mission of the government is the protection of ALL of its citizens. Government is supposed to take care of us which is why we pay taxes.

5. Given the discussion in questions 1-4, are you surprised that Federalist #10 is not in favor of democracy, and supports a Republican (representative) form of government? Why would d the author dislike a (pure) democratic form of government? Hint: think about how this question connects with the social classes…

-I am not surprised that Federalist #10 is not in favor of a democracy, and instead supports representative form of government. Since these representatives are part of the capitalist class, and will fight to protect their interests. Whereas, a pure democratic form of government would allow ALL of its citizen’s voices to be heard, and since the majority of those voices are working class, they would vote in their favor which would be against the capitalists interests.

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