1.The special effects of capital society determine that capital will inevitably gather in a certain person. This is not surprising. Remember one thing whether it is capital, capitalist or capitalism. Their focus is on the word “capital”. Capitalists are not “people”, they are the embodiment of the personification of capital. Capital controls capitalists, not capitalists control capital. This can also answer a question. Why do capitalists need to exploit their employees after they are so rich? The purpose of capital is to multiply and expand infinitely. Capital will not get tired. Capital will only multiply indefinitely like cancer cells. If a capitalist’s capital cannot continue to increase in value, it will be eliminated and swallowed by more capable capital. As a capitalist, as long as you are in this position, your behavior pattern must be completely in accordance with the needs of capital accumulation. In other words, once they have such an identity, capitalists lose their freedom of choice to a certain extent. You can only make the company bigger and bigger, and the net profit will be higher and higher, and you will not want to reduce your income and give back to the labor. This is not a question of morality or ethics. This is the law of capitalist society.

2. I don’t have many ideas. I just want to ask one question, whether the law should protect private property from illegal infringement by others. Jurists, economists, and many other experts can give me countless arguments. I only have a rhetorical question, if one day, even the air you breathe is the private property of others, what will you do?

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