1. Faction reminds me of what classes are, where factions are defined as a certain number of citizens, these ones being either a majority or a minority, who act in for the same interests or passions, that are contrarian to the interests and passions of the other faction.

2. According to James Madison in Federalist paper #10, the source of wealth, strongly depends on the faculties of men, these abilities are an obstacle to a uniformity, because they don’t come on the same level, this being a key factor in why some individuals are able to be wealthy and others to stay poor.

3. I agree, but, if you have the abilities of becoming wealthy and were born in a certain class or a certain race, or a certain gender, and the tools and rights of those individuals are limited in comparison with others, because of the system they are in, it obviously makes it more difficult, furthermore, the ignorance of these limitations would simply make individuals deduce, that because of those factors, certain individuals are not able of producing wealth.

4. The core mission of the U.S. government is to protect these faculties of becoming wealthy, as they create unequal groups of citizens that can be split into more groups with different interests, and this gives, to the owners of wealth a better option to stay where they are. It doesn’t surprise me as the fact that living in a federation, this is very easy to maintain, because as of today is still the core mission of the government.

5. No, I’m not surprised because, first, James Madison was a federalist, wealth owner and writer of this statement, and second, he saw majority factions as inferior, he thought factions could misbehave, and he saw these misbehaviors as a disease, nevertheless, he came to the conclusion that the causes that made factions to misbehave were inevitable and the only cure was controlling the effects of these ones, so democracy for him was the least one of the cures for this disease, therefore, a republican type of government was the best way, to benefit his goals of staying in power and protecting the wealth of the smaller faction.

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