1.What concept that we have already discussed does “faction” remind you of?

The only concept we have discussed is social class. Which I believe is what is this “faction” referring to.

2.According to Federalist #10 (written by James Madison), what is the source of wealth (private property)? What factor explains why some people get to possess wealth by owning private property, and others don’t (thus remaining poor)?

I really don’t know I guess some people are just more smart and ambitious while the rest only want to work a job and get by.

3.Do you agree with this explanation of wealth and poverty?

I agree that a person is entitled to a reward that matches his/her ability and devotion. Yet only addressing the morally acceptable concept of “No pain no gain” and ignoring the darker fact about capitalist exploitation is a bad attempt of sophistry.

4.What is the core mission (“first object”) of the US government? Does this surprise you, does it sound different from what our society today seems to suggest the core mission of the government is? Explain.

The core mission of the US government is to protect the interest of the owning class. It did surprises me but I quickly had the realization of course it was this way. The top 1 percent owns more than the rest of 90 percent of us combined. In a way, we don’t matter to the advancement of humanity. Society suggests self-made fortune, politics and social causes are all distractions to keep us busy. This bleak realization is probably going to haunt me for years.

5.Given the discussion in questions 1-4, are you surprised that Federalist #10 is not in favor of democracy, and supports a Republican (representative) form of government? Why would d the author dislike a (pure) democratic form of government? Hint: think about how this question connects with the social classes…

By now I am not surprise of the intention of the author anymore. The author dislike the pure democratic society because it will endanger the position of the the owning class. Democracy is the weapon of the weak just like guns are just as deadly in the hand of a child as in the hand of a grown-up man. Only more deadly since the working class has far more majority in numbers.

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