1.According to readings 6.1 and 6.2, the wealthy class has formulated a constitution, and the middle class and working class are excluded and not allowed to participate in this process. The purpose of their constitution is to protect the interests of the rich from the working class, because the working class is the majority of the population.

2.I think the social class structure of early American society is the same as ours today. Because the wealthy class is still in the minority, while the working class is still in the majority. Although men and women are now equal, people also have a certain income, but The gap between the affluent class and the working class has not changed.

3.The people who drafted the constitution were so afraid of democracy because the majority of people in society were the working class, and the wealthy class accounted for a very small proportion. Secondly, the purpose of the people who drafted the constitution was to protect their interests, and the working class would choose to overthrow the constitution.

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