1.Which statistic on wealth inequality in the US (discussed on p. 29) made the biggest impression on you? Explain why?

The worst realization I had after reading the statistics is that the few people in the top 1 percent of the society own almost 50 percent of the total wealth. Imagining where one person owns so much, he can literally buy half of the city and leave all the rest of us just huddled together on the other half of the city. That amount of money means so much power and it makes me think there is just no way the government and these individuals are not connected and their power had nothing to say for the fate of the rest of humanity. And it gives chills knowing the people with this amount of power are putting profit on top of their list.

2.What could be some of the implications of living in a society that has such huge wealth inequalities? Do you see this dynamic getting played out in everyday life in our society? How so? Example?

I think New York City has such dramatic wealth inequalities that are being displayed every day we don’t even notice it anymore. Manhattan and Queens look like two different cities. All the way from people who live in nicely designed art deco mansions with doorman in suits open doors for you to people living in basement rooms separated by a single plank of wood.

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