The capitalist formula of M-C-M’ differs from the traditional C-M-C formula where there is no profit made. Capitalists take their capital, which is the first M(money). and trade it into C(community) at the value of said community, this part is somewhat similar to the M-C part of the traditional C-M-C formula. And then the capitalists will trade the community they bought for M’. The M’ is equal to M+m, which is a bigger amount of the original M. The lower case m is the profit gained as know as the surplus value. Once the cycle is done, the profit has been made and capitalists can proceed to use the profit to upscale the operation. This is how captialists are able to maintain and increase their wealth, As long as the m(profit) is to be made in this process, the captialists can continuiously increase the volume of their trade.

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