1- Based on the arguments presented in Readings 6.1 and 6.2, which social class wrote the Constitution, and which class was excluded and not allowed to participate in this process? In your comment, make sure you clearly specify the difference between the two classes by giving examples from the readings

Based on the reading 6.1 and 6.2 Constitution was written for the rich people. Middle class, the slaves, the indented servants, women were not allowed to participate in the process. The Working-class didn’t make any impression on the statement at that time. For instance, according to reading 6.2 “Hamilton in his report on manufacturers, dismisses the subject with scant notice”. He mentions that women and children are needed, and they can work in manufactories, etc.

2- Would say that the social class structure of early United States society, was the same as ours today, or different? Explain.

Nowadays, social classes are still in our society, because of some institutions, neighborhoods, whether it’s health, education, etc. However, different from before people have the chances to work hard to pass from the middle class to the rich class, even though you have to work very hard to achieve. Also, women aren’t like before that didn’t have any rights. Now females have equality with males and they have the same rights to work, to go to school, etc. The system of social class in America is similar to other countries in their problems now, although the main difference is that poverty in America can be invisible because is known as one of the richest countries in the world.

3-Why were the people who wrote the Constitution so afraid of democracy? Hint: think about how to answer this question by discussing it in terms of social classes.

People who wrote the Constitution were so afraid because most of the people consisted of the middle class. The middle class didn’t have the right to vote and the democracy would require everyone to vote on every issue.

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