1. To answer a question “How does a capitalist remain wealthy” we must look at the general formula of capital: M-C-M`. In this formula, a capitalist starts from a very comfortable position of having an abundance of money that is not necessary for their survival. That money (M) could buy a commodity (C) which will later bring more capital by profiteering from surplus labor and, naturally, from surplus value (M`). Since money is never a question for a capitalist when there is profit to be made, the reasonable thing to do is to acquire as many commodities as possible and abuse the concept of surplus value while providing people with commodities without having to work for it. Taking into consideration the fact that there is an interdependent relationship between the capitalists and the workers and that most media are owned by the wealthy, the capitalists have managed to keep their favorable reputation and, when the worst happens, have figured out the ways to shift the responsibility onto others. 

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