1. I would consider wealthy land owners a faction. They operated closely and wanted the same things: acquire wealth and hold on to it with minimal interference from the government and the working class.

2. According to this reading, faculties seems to highlight the makings of a person. Their personal qualities.  Referring to reading 6.1 those who happened to be “wellborn” were fortunate enough to inherit family property and continue on the ownership. Those who were not fortunate enough will be relegated to working jobs and staying saddled with debt to the wealthy. The poor were thought of as “poor spend-thrifts” who mismanaged their finances. They were not seen as potential wealth builders and thus seen as passing on that legacy to their future generations.

3. During those times, options may have been limited as far as acquiring wealth. Institutions were not giving opportunities to the working poor. The working poor were seen as unfortunate mishaps with no hope of changing their future circumstances. I believe acquiring and maintaining wealth is much easier once you are born into it. But there is also a chance to cross-over with discipline.

4. It seems the first object pertains to protecting the differences of man.  In reading 6.3 Madison mentions “the diversity in the faculties of men, from which the rights of property originate, is not less an insuperable obstacle to a uniformity of interests.”I think that means the different faculties about men should not impose on their right own property. This does sound different from the objective of government today. Government today talks about freedom for all citizens, ample opportunities, and non-discrimination.

5. Initially, I thought Federalist #10 was in favor of democracy. But then I realized he was merely explaining objectively the differences between democracy and republics and how wealthy land owners would not approve of such systems. I can see how a democratic government would not serve a wealthy citizen’s needs. A democracy would force property owners to consider the needs of the working class, whom they do not respect. Why should I care about the needs of a class of people I feel are beneath me?

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