1. To my understanding, I can best describe an ideology as a person’s outlook or attitude on a subject whether it is political, economical, or social. These beliefs arise from one’s circumstances. For example, religion is an ideology and within one’s religion is a variation of beliefs. Some believers strictly follow their faith, and some may lean towards being more liberal, and follow what they feel are more important. Your environment plays a huge role in where you stand on certain topics. The way you’ve grown up, the way you were taught, etc. are all contributing factors towards your ideologies.

2. Some differences that contribute to my understanding between conservatives and liberal ideologies is their stances on their economic and political views. For example, conservatives believe the the government should spend less and should tax less. They want to cut spending to balance and prioritize the country’s budget. People with a higher income should invest as well. On the other hand, liberals believe that the government should provide more support, services, and programs to the less fortunate, for example, free healthcare. In order to achieve this they believe taxes should be raised if necessary. In addition, people with a higher income should pay a larger percentage of taxes. Liberty is the primary political virtue for conservatives and equality is the primary political virtue for liberals. Liberals are different in their political views from conservative because they believe that the government should play a big and active role in society. In contrast, conservatives believe that a large government threatens individual liberty.

3. Althusser’s definition of ideology to my understanding, is the acceptance of beliefs without being aware you believe them because they are reinforced through expected and mandating behaviors. For example, we are taught to be productive and work hard, unless you have inherited a lot of wealth. We are taught to follow the rules, unless you can pay to change them. Althusser believed fear and just being accepted for who you are, are strong motivators that is meant to keep the status quo in order and to control people. However, it isn’t real, and continues to operate because everyone believes it does.

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