Hi class,

  1. I recognize that the semester is compressed, and that the discussion boards may require additional time to complete. So, here’s my new take deadlines:
  • The Thursday deadline for discussion boards posts, and the Sunday deadline for response papers is strongly recommended. However, if you need extra time to complete this work, you can definitely submit your work after those deadlines. I will do my best to catch those for grading purposes, but given that there’s a lot I have to glance and read, posts and uploads made after the deadlines run the risk of being missed by me for grading purposes – I will obviously do my very best not to miss anyone’s work for grading purposes, but please try to submit your work by the respective deadline, as much as possible.

2. In terms of grading discussion posts and reading responses. Completed discussion board posts and submitted response papers will receive full credit (represented as 100% in the Grade Center on Blackboard, for each assignment submitted). If you see a 0 for any assignment, that means I have seen it as of yet. If I feel you need to redo an assignment to get credit for it, I’ll write you an email, letting you know…

Have a good week!

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