1. I think ideology is ones beliefs, ideas, values, and opinions regarding social or political issues. I think people’s ideology affects how they live their lives and how they see themselves and others. I think people use their ideology to decide how they would prefer society to be like and to decide how they will conform to society. An example of an ideology is socialism. People who are socialists believe that everything in society should be collectively decided by citizens. 

2. The difference between conservative and liberal ideology is that liberal ideology is usually focused on human rights/equality while conservative ideology is usually about the economy and the military/guns or national defense. Conservatives are usually more traditional and want to keep the government how it was in the past and liberals want the government to change and be updated. An example of conservative ideology is that conservatives believe in lower taxes. An example of liberal ideology is that liberals believe that women should be allowed to have abortions. 

3. Althusser’s definition of ideology is that ideology is used to organize society. 

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