1-Keeping in mind the material covered in this lesson, describe how you understand ideology in YOUR OWN WORDS.

  • In my opinion, Ideology is a set of opinions or views based on your ideas which refers to a set of political beliefs. For instance, democrats believe that government knows what is best for the citizen and it is the government’s responsibility to care for all individuals.

2-How do you understand the difference between conservative and liberal ideology in US politics? What seems to be a big difference, the dividing line? Given an example to back up your arguments.

  • The difference between the liberal and conservative is that liberals think that people should be treated equally no matter what religion, sexual orientation, income might have and have all the right to be whatever they want. Conservative views are enclosed-minded compared to liberals. They think people should work hard to take care of themselves, and those who don’t work are lazy. Also, they believe in traditional family values, such as not kids outside the marriage and sexual orientation doesn’t exist and should not exist, etc.

3How do you understand Althusser’s definition of ideology? Paraphrase it in your own words. Given an example.

  • Althusser’s definition of ideology is explained that ideology with the term of Ideological State Apparatuses which consist of schools, family and political system. He also said that ideology is not false but real and we as humans shouldn’t see ideology as an illusion because it is the way we see reality basis on which we make decisions.

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