Answer 1

  • most of the people are sent to jail for non-violent crimes, under the banner of the war on drugs, racial profiling has taken over to sentence certain races to jails.
  • the CIA admitted that in the midst of the drug crises the efforts to investigate the distribution network from Nicaragua were blocked.
  • The fact is that the war on drugs was declared when the use of drugs was in a decline. During which period there were a lot of arrests made among people of color.
  • the racial profile of the people from racial or ethnic origins in jail in the USA surpasses any other country in the world.

Answer 3

  • Based on facts, the penal system seems to be working towards restricting poor communities and a majority of colored people.
  • the number of people incarcerated under the war on the drug is astounding, in less than 30 years U.S. penal population grew from 300,000 to a 2 million. The majority of the people are arrested for account of dealing with drugs.
  • The US has the highest number of people in jail. More than the repressive regimes and more than 7.5 times the rate of people in Germany.
  • The US has arrested more colored people than the apartheid in South Africa

Answer 2

  • The war on drugs was launched in response to the crack cocaine crises in poor neighborhoods. So much so, It is expected that 3 out of 4 black men will have criminal records during their lifetime. The studies show that people of color use drugs at a very similar rate as any other race in the US but the out of proportion incarceration of people of color is quite compelling.

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