A repressive state apparatus are agencies that impose a punishment due to violence. The different fictions are the army, police, juror system, and imprisonment.

Althusser’s choice of the word “repressive” is to emphasize how the repressive apparatus controls you through the threat of violence which can be through police, courts, and prison.

Ideological state apparatus is a term used to designate the facilities like schools, churches, the media, and the law. These are state spaces controlled by individual beliefs that were applied to states. 

All the State Apparatus work both by constraint and by philosophy, with the distinction that the repressive State Mechanical assembly works enormously and dominating by restraint, while the Ideological State functions hugely and overwhelmingly by belief system.

Modern television is an example of ideology because it is a network that broadcasts entertainment to a board section of different people. When television features an act favoring a group of people the opposing group has a rivalry. For example, when a show includes favoring a male character with superior privilege over a female character this might be targeted more towards a republican party, opposed to a Democrat party whereas they would like to see a female playing a leading role, etc.

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