Hi! I’m Sianna Velez and my major is Biotechnology. I hope to get my A.S. in Biotechnology and hopefully get into NYU so I can get my Bachelor’s degree in Biology. I’m 19 years old and I like to dabble in a bunch of different hobbies like arts and crafts, music, makeup, fashion, gaming, etc because I can’t stick to one hobby. I chose my major because I have many ideas of what I want to do in the future, and my major would let me explore all of those options. Some career paths I’m interested in are forensic scientist, zoologist, lab technician, and science teacher/professor.

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  1. Hello Sianna, it’s good to have a lot of interests, that you can always keep on learning new things that you like. I also really into arts and crafts, gaming, and music. Really glad we have interests in common. Keep going, Best Wish!

  2. Hi, I’m excited to be sharing the semester with you!!! My name is Amira Morales and I’m a criminal justice major. Similarly to you Sienna, I find it hard to stick to one hobby and enjoy expressing myself through art. My goal is to impact the lives of those less fortunate than myself. Wishing you all the best this semester!

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