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What’s Your Single Story?


The following are the steps that should culminate in a big Creative Non-Fiction (CNF) project. The assignments outlined are low stake, and I plan to use formative assessments. These assignments will be counted towards their overall participation points. I’ll introduce the assignments at the end of the third week when we start delving into the major tasks.  … Read more “What’s Your Single Story?”

Open Pedagogy Assignment -“Where I’m From”

Open Pedagogy Assignment


1.Your Poem: due by Wednesday 09/02 by midday. Please post in Discussion Board 1. 

2.Your Response to a Peer’s Poem: due by Saturday 09/05 by 9 a.m. Please post your responses in the discussion forum.Read more “Open Pedagogy Assignment -“Where I’m From””

Police-Community Council Assignment

The following is an assignment I typically give as extra credit each semester, with modifications for the OpenLab

  • Determine your resident police precinct (can be done on
  • Review crime and quality of life statistics for your resident precinct.
  • Attend a police-community council meeting – these are typically held once per month.
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Open Pedagogy Assignment – The HeART of Public Speaking

Open Pedagogy Assignment

Welcome to The HeART of Public Speaking. My name is Christina Neubrand and I will be your guide as we explore the tools, the techniques and the creative choices involved in the ART of speaking publicly. Let’s get to know a little about each other and what expectations you have for the semester.… Read more “Open Pedagogy Assignment – The HeART of Public Speaking”