How to convince a patient to stop smoking in less than 3 minutes (hard mode 1 minute)

How to convince a patient to stop smoking in less than 3 minutes (hard mode 1 minute)


Lung cancer leads to more death than any other cancer and often metastasizes elsewhere in the body by initial detection, making prognosis unfavorable. Using knowledge of respiratory physiology and anatomy determine a strategy to education the patient on function of the lungs, how smoking harms the patient and why long term cessation is the key to preventing deadly pathology.


Part 1: Develop an essay to script your strategy for convincing the diabetic patient in the discussion board. Make a reply with a title and provide an outline or essay of the script.

Part 2: Make a FlipGrid video (1-3 minutes) to delivery your strategy using a professional clinical framework and delivery. 


To better consider this activity as it pertains to praxis please read the following abstract in regard to the ethos behind the pedagogical consideration in formulating this activity.

Quoted in its entirety from the abstract.  Source:

The revolution of nursing pedagogy: a transformational process by Sheryl Allen MSN, RN

Nursing education is an evolutionary process that has experienced a metamorphosis through different pedagogies from an apprenticeship model in the exclusive clinical setting to a holistic model in the college setting. Recent developments in adult education and research have strongly influenced the need to revolutionize nursing education to cultivate future nurses who can provide safe, effective care based on the individual client needs and their situations. Nursing missions, values, and curricula should reflect a program that promotes learning as the center of student development. Learning empowers nursing students to engage in reflection, praxis, and effective dialogue. However, the revolution of nursing pedagogy involves a transformational process from the traditional conservative model of instruction where the student is the passive recipient of information to a critical model where the student is engaged in the process of developing autonomy and empowerment. To meet these requirements for the future generation of nurses, leaders will be challenged to create a paradigm shift in nursing pedagogy using a transformational process among faculty and students in the organization.

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