Week 1: Personality Lists

For instructions on how to submit a post, please follow these instructions: https://openlab.bmcc.cuny.edu/mmp460-1100-s23/posting-on-open-lab/. FORMATTING FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT: Use the title format “[FirstName] [LastName] lists” and select the Category “Week 1 – Personality Lists”

Step 1: Create a post with the following lists:

  • List four things you like to do
  • List four of your favorite movies
  • List four of your favorite singers/bands
  • List four words that describe your personality

Step 2: View everyone else’s posts and look for classmates who have similar answers as you. Make a note of at least 4 of these classmates and what you have in common.

Step 3: Pick at least 4 of the classmates you found commonalities with and comment on their post by clicking on the Comment button at the bottom of their post. The content of the comment should be what the commonality is and add a little information about this common interest. Enter a total of four discussion posts for four other students (not the same student twice).

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