Midterm Brief: ReadIn

Project Information

Project Name


Project Description:

The main goal of the website is to create a free digital library that anyone will be able to access. Users will be also able to sign up for emails about their favorite author/genre.

Project Team:

Alyona Radkevich

Project Goals:

Give people unlimited access to e-books for free;
Connect people together based on their interests;
Let people write their own insights on a book;
Announce news and events in the reading community.

Audience Information

Project Audience:

Young people both male and female around 16-30 years old who are interested in reading books in their free time and who have an intermediate tech level. 

User Goals:

They will look for a book they need there;
They will talk to someone who has the same interest;
They will find a supportive community;
They will update themselves on the most important news that happens within the community.

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