Final Project Presentation

You will present your projects on one of two dates

  1. Wednesday, May 19
  2. Monday, May 24

Please use the form below to choose a presentation date for you or your group.

Presentation Rubric

The following rubric will be used to score your presentations

AreaPoints (100)Description
Project Overview20Introduce your project including:
– Name of the project
– Put URL in chat
– Your name(s)
– Target Audience
– Your Goals: your motivation and goals for creating the site
– Audience Goals: Why people will visit site and what they will get out of it.
Functionality and content overview15How does the content and functionality of the site meet the goals of the target audience?
Highlight the parts you’re most proud of.
Process: Overview25Give a quick overview of the process from the Midterm materials through the final product. You can talk about the general design process:
1. Define the problem/goal
2. Explore ideas (brainstorm+research)
3. Visualize: Create wireframes/prototype
4. Build the site
5. Test/optimize
6. Iterate (repeat from step 2/3/4) until complete
Process: Design Decisions25Explain your design decisions. More specifically Why do you choose
– Typography
– Colors
– Layout
– Images and other visuals
Process: Eleventy15How is content added? Markdown pages, data files, both etc.
Did you have any highly customized areas? Add node module, create own collection or filter, multiple layouts, includes, JavaScript files etc.
Total Points100


Here is an example Google Slide that structures these areas of the presentation. This is for example purposes only. You can present in a different way. Or you can use it too if you like. The point here is to get you talking about specific project elements and your process. This is a skill employers want.

Example Slide Links

Click this link to be able to make your own copy

Click View on web as slideshow


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