Nataliya Verkhoturtseva’s Week 5 Learning Journal

What I know about about getting the Example Eleventy Course project up and running:

  1. You need to follow the code commands mentioned in the video and write them in the console
  2. In order to start eleventy you use “npm start” command after eleventy is installed
  3. You can play around with brunches using the “git checkout ‘name of the brunch’ ” etc
  4. you can commit changes and push it live to git hub after you sync your github account
  5. You need to use command “control+C” to stop serving

What I want to learn more deeply or need more information about:

  1. I would like to learn how to use conditions and variables, utilize JAVAScript
  2. How to create merge branches together and what are the complications of it
  3. More commands of eleventy to enable me to build complex layouts