Joshua Soto’s Week 11 Learning Journal

My experience creating and giving the midterm presentation:

In the process of creating my presentation for my project it was difficult for me because i had to figure out what to write about and what to say when i present my project. What i like about the in- class presentation was we get to share our project to each other. The thing that was difficult for me was to present but once i started talking about my project i felt great.

Did the process of making and giving the presentation make you feel more prepared to present information in a professional setting?

When i was preparing myself to speak about my project i was feeling a little nervous but when i started to speak about my project i felt great. The way the experience help me was i needed to speak more so i could feel comfortable speaking about the project that i am working on.

What did you learn from watching others presentations?

The things that ive learn from my classmates presentation was organization and the way they explain everything about their project. When it comes to thinking about how to make presentation is fell great because you are working on a project that you love and share it with others.

Questions about the Final Project

The questions that i have about the final project is when we are finished creating our website how do we put it so everyone could see it.Also could we use other apps to do our coding.

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