Week 14: 5/10 + 5/12

Before Class Work on your Final Projects and come with questions. Live Sessions JOIN LIVE SESSION Session 1:Final Workshop Monday, May 10 at 7:30p–9:10p Monday we will answer questions that you have. I have also made some more tutorials that are linked to below. Links for Monday Session Collaborate with GitHub Dynamic Lists and Pages… Continue reading Week 14: 5/10 + 5/12

From a Data File: show list of items and create pages

These two videos show you how to create a list of items that are in a data file (a list of images in this case) and then also to dynamically generate pages from that data file. This is similar to what we did in class with the Clients pages. These work with the eleventy starter… Continue reading From a Data File: show list of items and create pages


Icons are a good way to make your page easier to scan, communicate across languages and add visual interest to the site. Use them when they complement or add meaning to the text content and don’t overuse them on any individual page. Occasionally it’s OK to use them without text but generally they should be… Continue reading Icons