Midterm Brief: VintageFinds

Project Information Project Name VintageFinds Project Description: This project is to connect and provide information for people who are interested in fashion and vintage clothing. Project Team: Deeva Purboyo Project Goals:   To help find flea markets/vintage stores around their areas The inform people about events related to vintage clothing and fashion To help and… Continue reading Midterm Brief: VintageFinds

Deeva Purboyo’s Week 3 Learning Journal

How was your experience with watching JavaScript Collections? I watched all the videos without issues. The video is helping me to understand more about JavaScript. Describe your understanding of JavaScript’s use and position in modern Web Design. JavaScript is important in modern web design because it helps to provide a reliable website for the users.… Continue reading Deeva Purboyo’s Week 3 Learning Journal

Deeva Purboyo’s Week 2 Learning Journal

What are two takeaways from this week? i learned to identify HTML elements especially aside, article, header, footer, div, main and address. also, I learned about javascript. What is one thing you would like to learn more deply? i would like to learn more about javascript Link to one of my CodePen Pens https://codepen.io/deevapurboyo/pen/poNwzjv

Deeva Purboyo

Hi, my name is Deeva. This is my second year at BMCC and my major is Multimedia Programming and Design. I am excited to learn more about web design in this class.

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